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How to help hair grow faster

Remember everyone is different, but on average hair grows about a quarter of an inch per month, and needs to be taken care of from both the inside and outside.

• A healthy scalp is key for hair to grow to its fullest potential. Tackle any issues like dryness, oiliness or dandruff, and make sure it’s properly nourished with the right products and treatments.

• It sounds counterproductive but regular trims are really important. If left, split ends can travel further up the hair and give the impression that it just isn’t growing; have a trim approx. every 8 weeks to keep them at bay.

• A healthy, varied diet is crucial - the right foods can really impact your hair’s health. Foods like nuts, seeds, dark berries and oily fish are excellent for promoting healthy hair growth.

• Adding natural supplements to your diet can help nourish and boost hair follicles - Omega 3, 6 and 9 are all fantastic.

• If you want something more targeted, a specific hair supplement programme like Vivscal Professional (£59.99) can help encourage and maintain healthy growth and thickness.

• Coloured hair is far more prone to snapping and breakage, especially if it’s bleached or highlighted. A good protein shampoo and conditioner can help restore, repair and prevent further damage to sensitised locks.

• A deep conditioning masque once a week will help keep your hair nourished and shiny – aim to leave it on for 15-20 minutes to restore lost moisture.

• Brush your hair gently and start from the bottom up – especially when wet - to avoid snapping and unnecessary damage. Use a proper detangling brush like a Tangle Angel, £14.95, to gently remove stubborn knots without pulling.

• Don’t over-wash your hair, as this strips away its natural oils which are essential to keep it soft, healthy and hydrated. Aim to wash hair 2 / 3 times a week at most.

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