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Richard Ward's Secrets to Detangling

Celebrity and Royal Hairdresser Richard Ward shares his secrets on the key to detangling your locks like a pro.

‘Detangling brushes are a relatively new concept, when you consider for many years a good old fashioned comb was all that was on the market! Professional stylists know, however, that its not just the tools of the trade that are essential, but the tricks of the trade are vital too to ensure perfectly silky, knot-free hair.

When hair is shampooed, the detergent based product removes particles of dirt and this roughens up the outside edge of the hair, the cuticle. This outer layer is vital to shine. The best analogy is to think of the cuticle’s overlapping layers like fish scales or roof tiles. When they are roughened, they don’t reflect light and this reflection of light is scientifically what makes hair actually shine. Therefore, keeping them flat and smooth will always result in enhancing gloss and obtaining a mirror-like shine. Conditioning products serve the purpose of smoothing the cuticle back down again and encouraging the scales to lie flat. When hair is in this fragile wet condition, it’s tensile strength (the ability for it to stretch) is enhanced and therefore it is more delicate. Pulling and tugging it in this state only encourages breakage, and this is where proper detangling comes in as a must-do process to create lustre and shine.

What every good hairdresser knows is that the best way to detangle is to start combing from the ends and work up the hair shaft towards the root, whereas most people would naturally start combing from the root downards, which only serves to tangle up the mid-lengths and ends more. If you work in the opposite direction and start from the bottom and move up the hair shaft you minimise tension on the hair and as a result, limit any resulting damage. By brushing already detangling sections into tangles as you work up towards the root, hair is easier to loosen whereas if you work from the root down, you can find you are brushing tangles into more tangles and making smooth hair more difficult to achieve.

Detangling brushes generally work on the concept that the bristles are at different lengths so the longer ones are working on and combing out different areas of the hair to the shorter ones. Where Tangle Angel is different is that not only do it’s bristles work in new patented blade technology that divides hair strands and part knots, but the Multi-flex bristles move in opposing directions, loosening tangles as you brush. Together with it’s anti-static and antibacterial properties and it’s ergonomic, professionally designed handle, Tangle Angel is the professional’s detangling brush of choice and a must on any good salon floor.’

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