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Winter Holiday Haircare Tips

Richard Ward’s top tips for Winter Holiday Haircare

  1. Sun exposure can be as intense on a ski slope as it is on an exotic beach. When skiing, the higher up you go, the stronger the sunlight gets; minimise hair’s exposure to the harsh cold and stronger sunlight by keeping it covered up with a hat or scarf.

  2. Just like skin needs moisturiser, your hair and scalp need to be weather-proofed against the harshest elements that winter brings. Invest in good quality hair products, such as Richard Ward Seasons Winter Hydrate Kit, £24, to keep your hair nourished during the cold season. The kit includes a purifying shampoo, conditioning primer and overnight masque to keep your hair hydrated and glossy throughout the winter months.

  3. Avoid over-washing your hair. Winter conditions will already be drying the hair out; frequent cleansing will strip it of its natural oils which are essential to keeping it hydrated.

  4. At the end of a long day battling the elements, apply a nourishing masque to damp hair and leave for 1 – 2 hours; this helps restore any lost moisture and will leave the hair looking and feeling soft and glossy.

  5. Cold air can cause hair to tangle and snag more easily – avoid this by keeping a small brush like Tangle Angel Baby, £3.95, in your bag at all times.

  6. Avoid big colour appointments just before your winter holiday to avoid unnecessary damage; if your hair is dry and brittle when you arrive, the harsh elements will only make it worse. If you need a colour refresh, opt for a non-damaging vegetable colour instead.

  7. Braid your hair back on the slopes to avoid damage from blasts of cold air.

  8. Healthy hair starts on the inside; adding vitamin supplements to your haircare routine will help encourage healthy, supple hair during the colder months.

  9. Avoid the dreaded hat-hair look at the end of the day by refreshing your hair with a product like L’Oreal Professionnel Super Dust, for effortless volume and texture.

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