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Show Pony!

Celebrity Hairdresser Richard Ward gives the low-down on ponytails and why they’re such a hot look for 2017.

Richard says:

Ponytails are perennially popular and beloved of women from any age. The key to their popularity is their versatility; they can be glammed up or down with subtle accessorising to work for any style option; only a pony can go from office to evening to red carpet glamour. Keep them looking on-trend by updating with subtle style tweaks referenced from the seasonal catwalk fashion shows. Ponytails are fun and epitomise carefree glamour – there’s a kind of sexy, innocence to them that makes them as popular with schoolgirls as they are with older women and ensure they’ve never far from the ‘What’s Hot’ list.

Who suits what:

How you wear your ponytail depends on your face shape. Follow Richard’s simple guide to perfect pony’s:

Perfect for:

Oval – egg-shaped faces suit any style so all pony options get the green light.

Avoid if you are:

Round or square – scraping hair off the face can emphasise width and leave you looking ‘exposed’ so go for something softer and avoid ponies all together.

Long or rectangular – the severe pony elongates the face outline too much so go for a ½ pony (hair tied at crown only and left loose)

Position carefully if you are:

Heart or triangular – both shapes are wider across the cheekbone than they are long so go for a lo-slung option to balance features.

Pear – pear shapes are bottom heavy, narrowing across the forehead and widening at the chin level so go for a high pony, worn at the crown to distract attention from the widest feature.

Diamond – widest at the cheekbones and narrowing at the chin and forehead so avoid crown pony’s and go for a lower slung look.

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